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Spaces for Rent
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Mendenhall Mall is offering space for rent or lease. Our mall is the perfect location for your business, with plenty of foot traffic and amenities. We offer a variety of sizes and locations to suit your needs. Our management team is available to help you find the right spot for your business. If you are interested in renting or leasing space at Mendenhall Mall, contact us today for more information.

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Suite 325

Location: The available rental space is strategically situated in the third entrance of the Mendenhall Mall, adjacent to the vibrant Alaskan Dames Consignment store. This prime spot offers not only a high-traffic location within the mall but also a dynamic retail environment.


  • Total Floor Area: A generous 1200.9 square feet providing ample space for various business setups.

  • Back Room: An additional 520.1 square feet are available in the back room, equipped with essential amenities.

  • Amenities: The back room is furnished with a sink, catering to diverse business needs.

  • Exits: Two convenient back exits are included, enhancing accessibility and operational efficiency.

Unique Features:

  • Proximity to Alaskan Dames Consignment: Being adjacent to Alaskan Dames Consignment, your business will benefit from the synergy of an established and popular neighbor, attracting foot traffic and potential customers.

  • Spacious Opening: The rental space features a huge and spacious opening, providing an inviting and versatile environment for various business concepts.

Ideal for:

  • Retail Stores: Take advantage of the high foot traffic within the mall for a retail venture.

  • Service-based Businesses: Utilize the spacious layout for service-oriented businesses, creating a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere.

  • Small Cafes or Boutiques: With the included back room amenities, this space is ideal for small cafes, boutiques, or businesses requiring a private workspace.


 9105 Mendenhall Mall Rd # 170A, Juneau, AK 99801


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