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Jeff Gnass

Jeff Gnass is a freelance photographer based in Juneau, Alaska. He specializes in scenic, natural history, and travel destination photography using the latest digital cameras and large-format sheet-film cameras for superior quality images. His photos regularly appear throughout the world in books, calendars, magazines, and advertising.

His Story

Gnass realized his niche in life after picking up a large-format camera in 1978 and pursuing photography. Though completely self-taught in the art and business of photography, he has been a guest lecturer at universities and colleges, an instructor at field photo workshops, and has written numerous articles describing his photo techniques and natural light photography. Jeff's perceptions of the natural world are deeply rooted in the outdoor experiences of his childhood in Alaska. His endeavors in photography are guided by a personal intensity and determination to interpret and celebrate the majesty of nature and wild areas, and the wonders of diverse cultures.


Always looking for new and exciting opportunities.

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